How do marks on a floor hold memories? What’s the story behind the wallpaper?

Every house has got traces of the people once living in the space. Imperfections, some might say. But not me, I’d say all of those traces are clues that give us information on the memories that were made.

The mark on the ceiling is the story told over and over again about how the kids were scooping the water out of the tub when they were young, the faded oval in the floor being the sleepless hours and the endless amount of circles walked, trying to get the baby to sleep. Lives are hidden in those traces.

These wallpapers were designed by creating patterns from elements taken from the artist’s family snapshots. Each design represents a specific memory or event connected to a specific room in the childhood home of the artist.

wallpaper designs
variable sizes (made to fit)

The Parents’ Bedroom (the dying scene)
The Old Nursery (the braiding scene)