When Yellow Gets Blue

A walk through nature becomes a journey through thoughts and dreams. 

When Yellow Gets Blue depicts the mental journey that can take place when going for walks — from observing nature as it is, to the moment when you get lost in thoughts, and your world mainly exists within yourself.

The soundscape of the video follows a similar journey and is made completely out of sounds that have been recorded in Zundert; around the Sexton’s House or in the nature reserves that surround the village, where Vincent van Gogh regularly went for walks. Gradually rhythm and melody are added to the soundscape, by sampling parts of the recordings.

The end of the video has let go of all sense of reality and takes place in a world where dreams flourish.

Single-Channel Video, HD, color, 1.85:1, stereo, English, 2021, 11m 00s

Written, created and performed by Rachel Gruijters
Additional Cinematography Kasper Dam
Best Boy Davison Crispulo
With the support of Van Gogh AIR Zundert
Special thanks to Bloemen uit eigen tuin, Blue Collar Hotel Eindhoven, Fam. Berg, Marlies van Geel, Jos Gruijters, Kailey Gruijters & Sem Jansen.