Imagined self-portraits as my ancestors.

A family always starts with expecting women.
You can try fooling me into believing that babies are brought by storks, or that they grow in cauliflowers,
but I won’t believe it anyway.

I sought, I found, I made up.

First names, Christian names, family names.
Date of birth, date of death.
Place of birth, place of death.
Numbers, facts.

Have you heard?
My grandmother was Ginger Rogers. Really, I swear! Written on my first school report is: „Rachel loves to dance.” That’s no coincidence.

„Give me a chance.”
That’s what the Black Rider sang on his record „Mother.” Actually his name was Hans, very plainly, and he loved his mother very much.
An impressive criminal record to his name, but still people spoke of him as Robin Hood.

Some mothers do ‘ave ‘em.

160 35mm slides and carousel slide projector
3 inkjet prints on baryte paper
various sizes