“I’m just asking everyone what they remember about my mother, so I don’t ask any specific questions”
– “Gee, how long have you got?”

The girl taps her nail against her teeth. “Two years.” She’s almost 23 years old. That is 2yrs/23yrs x 100 = 9% versus 18mos/(23yrs x 12mos) x 100 = 7%. Seven per cent of her life was spent with a mother and nine per cent of her life spent constructing a memory of that first seven per cent. Two years in which she discovered that her mother was Snow White. Or is, maybe. That her mother was a little bit bananas and that she tapped her nails against her teeth whilst thinking. That she was a daydreamer. That she loved sleeping and that she had difficulty getting pregnant. That she believed in an Indian guru and that she was incredibly vain.

A myth became a human being and sometimes even “Mommy”, if only in thought.

Supper, 1993

7 inkjet prints on matte paper, mounted on dibond
50 x 50 cm

Installation view in header by Tom Callemin

Rocky I, II, III : Gringo
Theo & Thea
Heart's Desire
Hysterectomy, 1992