Bidin' My Time

A long take on waiting in cinema vs waiting in real life.

Not too long ago the artist’s Human Design chart had been created for her by her upstairs neighbor. It was the chart of a manifesting generator; the type that moves faster than any of the other types. However, it is also the type that needs to learn to wait and to respond.

This piece of information came as a blow to the artist, especially as she was running out of patience to see her new project realized.

“How unfair it is,” she said to herself, “that waiting in life can take forever, whilst in film waiting for days can happen in one minute. All it takes is a clever montage of the seasons changing, a clock announcing different hours, candles burning or the sun setting, putting in shadows that what was once in daylight.”

Bidin’ My Time shows the artist waiting in real time, but using the cinematic elements to show the passing of time, not knowing that a few months later this would become a worldwide reality, as most countries entered their first covid-19 lockdowns.

super HD, B/W, 16:9, stereo, no dialogue, NL, 2020, 5h 30m

Concept and execution Rachel Gruijters
Thanks to Liesbeth van den Heuvel, Marc Hutjens & Imke Maas