1-3 September >> Septemberfestival 2017: De invasie, De school van Gaasbeek, Gaasbeek (BE)

  • Septemberfestival 2017, School van Gaasbeek

    The first weekend of September I will be part of ‘De invasie’, which is part of the ‘Septemberfestival 2017’ at De school van Gaasbeek. Together with Johannes Arnauts, Nele Keukelier, Telma Lannoo, Anna Luyten, Jolien Naeyaert, Bosse Provoost, Arno Synaeve, Ymke Vansteenbrugge, Ezra Veldhuis and Maranne Walravens I will be showing work all throughout the festival. […]

  • New website

    The website has been made over, project-in-progress Fake It Till You Make It has been added, and extra domain has been added. Please do let me know in case of any glitches.