2015 – 2017
Work in progress

How does the set design reflect the part the home or the house plays in the film and what techniques or tricks do they use to make the set look like it does? How do they make something so artificial look like a lived in home? Why should a character have a specific wallpaper design in their house? Or how do they decide which flowers would suit the character?

Of course these homes were constructed for the film, but so were the off-screen personalities of these stars. As part of the Star System the film companies controlled the way the domestic lives of the stars were depicted to the public. The lives of the stars were literally as constructed as their onscreen characters and the sets the characters lived in.

How do marks on a floor hold memories? What’s the story behind the wallpaper?

Every house has got traces of the people once living in the space. Imperfections, some might say. But not me, I’d say all of those traces are clues that give us information on the memories that were made.

The mark on the ceiling is the story told over and over again about how the kids were scooping the water out of the tub when they were young, the faded oval in the floor being the sleepless hours and the endless amount of circles walked, trying to get the baby to sleep. Lives are hidden in those traces.

Can I also start from memories and artificially create these traces? Like they do with movie sets? Can I learn from —and use— the techniques the studios used to construct these stars?

(photos show impression of the research and physical transformation)